Monday, January 21, 2013

Lumikki Cosmetics

A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Marisa, of Uncut Color purchased a color called Dragon Scale from Lumikki Cosmetics.  I was very impressed by this color (as was Marisa) and so she placed another order and showed swatches of her new stash.  After this second order, I decided I must have Dragon Scale and went searching on Lumikki's site.  I found that they were having a large sale of up to 50% on many pigments, which were very unique.  I ordered Dragon Scale (of course), Space Alien, Heartbreaker, California Sun, Burlesque, and Boojie.  My order, from submission to receipt in my mailbox was just over a week, very fast.

I am very happy with all of my shadows and will definitely order again.  I am looking forward to placing another order.  Lumikki is still having a sale and I have found that at least two of the pigments I list below are no longer listed on their Etsy site.  I hope they bring them back as they are lovely colors.  Also, new customers receive 15% off of their first order by using the code 15offnewcustomer at checkout!  Cannot beat that!!

This is what I got!!

Dragon Scale - Described by their Etsy as an Emerald Green  with purple glitter.  This one is amazing wet.  This weekend, I applied it wet all over my lid and then pat a bit more on top dry.  The color shifting in this pigment is amazing and it is highly recommended.  It is still on sale for 20% off ($4.76 for a 5 gram jar!).  Click Here to purchase Dragon Scale!

When I looked at the pictures of Heartbreaker on their Etsy, I was so excited!  It looked like the most amazing mix of pink and purple goodness ever!  When I opened the jar, I was a little disappointed (just for a moment though!) as it did not look nearly as vibrant as I thought it should be.  Then I applied it and wow!  This one really shimmers and shifts colors in the light.  There are purple and teal glitters in this shimmery pigment.  One of my favorites for sure!  Click Here to order Heartbreaker!

Next up is Space Alien.  This color was very similar to Dragon Scale in the jar but was a bit darker and doesn't have the color shifting that Dragon Scale does.  I have not yet used it in a look but it is a very pretty color.  It is referred to as a Gray/Gray/Silver shimmer on their Etsy.  

Space Alien is no longer listed on their Etsy.

Next up is California Sun. It is listed on their Etsy as a Bronze Golden Glitter Sparkle and it is a very pretty color.  I used it today in a neutral look as the outer lid color.  Click Here to order California Sun.  It is listed at 50% off right now - $2.97 for a 5 gram jar!

Next up is Burlesque!  This was another of my favorites.  I used it today in a neutral look and it was the crease color.  It is listed on their Etsy as a Copper/Rust shimmer. 

Burlesque is no longer listed on their Etsy.  I do hope that this one is brought back as it is a great color!

 Lastly is Booje.  It is listed on their site as a Golden Brown Gold Sparkle/Glitter/Shimmer.  It is an awesome light gold neutral shade with glitter.  I used it today as my lid color in an awesome neutral look.

This shade is also no longer listed on their Etsy and is another one that I do hope will be coming back as it is very pretty.

... And now the Swatches!  You can see that Space Alien is definitely a darker green than Dragon Scale.  Both are very, very pretty.  Heartbreaker is very hard to capture an amazing photo of but is most definitely my favorite out of the 6 that I purchased.

Below are a couple of looks that I've done using these colors.

First up is the neutral look from today using California Sun (outer lid), Boojie (inner lid), and Burlesque (crease).

Next up is using Heartbreaker!

... and last but not least, Dragon Scale!  I also used a tiny bit of Boojie in the inner lid.

I do hope this helps you to place an order!

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